Our Mission

We believe in:

  • respect for everyone,
  • the expertise and knowledge of people from the street to make their choices,
  • providing unconditional support and friendship,
  • encouraging healthy lifestyles,
  • providing a place that is safe, comfortable, non-violent and respectful,
  • promoting safety, and
  • people helping each other

Our Goals

  • To create a healthy and safe environment and appropriate support services for people who are now, or who have been involved in prostitution.
  • To inform and connect young people who make their living through prostitution, or who are at risk for street involvement, with needed resources and services and to assist them in exploring option other than the street.
  • To educate youth, parents, the general public and human service professionals about issues related to prostitution.
  • To advocate for street workers' rights, including their right to be heard