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We gratefully acknowledge the support we receive from our funders:

In 2015, the United Way of Regina allocated $102,355 to the Street Worker’s Advocacy Project.  This funding strengthens our capacity to provide life skills programming, stabilization supports, structured activities, practical employment skills, and work experience to support individuals who face multiple barriers to employment, including a lack of work experience, education and training, addiction, transportation and housing issues, and challenges in accessing appropriate community resources.  These programs and services support participants to transition from poverty to employment, creating a brighter future for themselves, their families and our community.  For example, from May, 2011 until April 2014, of the 308 individuals who completed the Building Bridges to Employment Program, 82 received employment and 65 returned to school. 

While funding from the United Way is crucial in allowing us to continue to provide these essential programs and services, equally critical is the leadership the United Way provides to the community through their work in identifying local needs and shaping strategic directions, providing training opportunities for both staff and board members of local agencies, and building a network of community partnerships which strengthen our overall capacity to address local issues.  This leadership is central to developing a strong foundation to support a healthier, more vibrant and inclusive community.



SWAP is a not for profit, charitable organization that welcomes support from the community.  Financial donations and donations of other materials are greatly appreciated!

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